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Fused Glass Creations

by Scandia Wood-Blackwell

Unique & Colorful Handmade Glass Art

Image of a fused glass painting of Sunflowers by artist Scandia Wood.

Visit the Gallery to view images of some of Scandia's current and previous work.

Find current shopping opportunities for Scandia Glass Art items. Contact the artist if you are looking for a specific style or gift idea.

Image of a handmade fused glass painting of Lopez Island in Washington State created by artist Scandia Wood.
Image of artist Scandia Wood near Mount Baker in Washington State.

The Artist

Scandia began her art glass journey as a stained glass hobbyist in her teens. As luck would have it, her passion for art glass would eventually lead her to a full-time career working for the art glass manufacturers themselves. In that capacity, she was able to assist in new product development, overall marketing efforts, attend industry trade shows, as well as teaching fusing workshops.

Scandia considers herself to be incredibly fortunate that her longtime dance with art glass continues to evolve. Today she is creating and selling her glass artwork through her business, Scandia Glass Art. She additionally still enjoys teching glass fusing painting and technique classes for art glass suppliers and special glass industry events.

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