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Glass Art Creations

by Scandia Wood-Blackwell

Unique & Colorful Kiln-formed Glass Artwork & Gifts

Visit the Gallery to view images of some of Scandia's current and previous work.

Find current shopping opportunities for Scandia Glass Art items, while the website shop is under construction.Whether you’re looking for something unique and colorful for your home, garden or office, or a memorable gift for someone special, Scandia Glass Art will likely be able to provide you with a perfect fit for the task at hand.

The Artist

Scandia PNW_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Scandia began her art glass journey as a stained glass hobbyist. As luck would have it, her passion for art glass would eventually lead her to a full-time career working for the art glass manufacturers themselves. In that capacity, she was able to assist in new product development, overall marketing efforts, as well as designing and teaching kiln-forming workshops.

Scandia considers herself to be incredibly fortunate that her longtime dance with art glass continues to evolve. Today she is creating and selling her glass artwork for her own business, Scandia Glass Art. Additionally, she still provides limited contractor based consultation services for the manufacturer of Oceanside Compatible™ products.

Get in touch

Scandia would love to hear from you.

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