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The artist, Scandia Wood hiking near Mount Baker in WA State.

Scandia Wood-Blackwell

What began as a stained glass hobby for Scandia eventually led to a rewarding career working for the art glass manufacturers themselves. First as Marketing Manager for Spectrum Glass Co. (maker of System 96®), followed by a supporting role with the new owner of the product lines, Oceanside Glass & Tile. During those 14 years she gained invaluable experience and a deeper knowledge about the base materials she uses.


These days, Scandia is joyfully committed to dedicating the majority of her time creating her glass art pieces for her own business. She frequently focuses on nature themes, specifically landscapes in the form of kiln-formed glass paintings. Each piece is an original creation and all painting is done freehand. Scandia enjoys playing with color, layering and exploring multiple art forms and styles. The styles she leans towards most often are painterly and soft focus centered around nature or still life scenes, as well as more loosely interpreted, richly colored pieces.


While Scandia sometimes likes to work from one of her own photos (especially for still life scenes), the majority of her paintings are created from her memories of all the amazing places and things she's been so lucky to see through the years. The aim of her artwork is not to exactly mimic every realistic detail of a tree, plant or flower, but rather to offer her own artistic interpretation.

Scandia earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Studio Arts) from The University of Texas at Austin. Her focus was Illustration and Intaglio Printmaking (Engravings, Dry Points and Etchings).

A fused glass painting with Birch trees and snow capped mountain peaks in the distance, made by the artist, Scandia Wood.

Scandia on why she loves working with art glass.

"Quite simply, I find art glass to be a beautiful and thoroughly satisfying material to use. It can be transparent, translucent or opaque. It can also be quite flexible, taking on many forms based upon the technique applied. Its truly amazing range as a medium allows me the creative freedom to translate my various artistic styles and subject matter into numerous tangible forms."


In addition to pursuing her artistic endeavors, Scandia will on occasion teach kiln-forming technique workshops for special art glass events, as well as art glass distributors & retailers. She has taught dozens of workshops throughout the US, as well as technique workshops in the EU and UK.

Interested in learning more about Scandia’s workshops?

If you are interested in either taking one of Scandia’s workshops, or wish to request that she teach for your special event or your place of business, simply send an email with your contact information and specific dates requested and she will get back to you.

If any workshops are scheduled, they will be announced on the events page.

Still Life painting by Scandia Wood using her Frit Shading painting technique that she teaches in her workshops..
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