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Fused glass landscape painting under progress in early phase of process.

The Creative Process

Kiln-formed Artwork

Scandia uses Oceanside Compatible™ sheet glass, frit (crushed glass granules) specialty accessories, and Glassline paints to create her artwork. She really enjoys painting and does so using several styles; from loosely rendered and richly colored imagery to more tightly rendered pieces. Her landscapes are generally created from imagination/memory rather than recreating a photographed specific place or realistically accurate plant form.

Image of one of Scandia Glass Art's painting during the creative process.
Image of Scandia's Fused Glass Frit Painting as ready to go into the kiln for a 2nd fusing schedule.
A photo of one of the techniques used by Scandia in her fused glass painting process.

Scandia enjoys creating in several styles, rather than confining herself to one artistic style. As a result, the creative processes differ from piece to piece. For many of her painted pieces though, the process generally begins with 1+ sheets of fusible glass. She then applies cuts of glass, paints and numerous grades of frit to establish the background; basically color blocking her base glass (as a painter might do with a canvas).


Once she fires the base glass, she can then continue to add detail in a series of layers using various grades of Frit, paint and sometimes pre-made tree trunks, flowers, etc., firing each layer as she goes to slowly build her painting. Most pieces are finalized after undergoing 3-4 firings.


Upon completion, paintings’ edges are often ground to fit into a custom finished frame or stand that Scandia either builds from scratch, or stains/paints/modifies to compliment the specific artwork they will house.

A note from Scandia about the materials she uses in her artwork...


The art glass industry is a wonderful community full of talented and passionate people from manufacturers, to end-users, retailers, distributors and Instructors. I have been fortunate to meet many of them through the years.


I am proud to use quality products made by companies I respect and trust. Here's my shout out to just some of the dedicated companies that keep my studio and our art glass world happily going around:

Oceanside Glass & Tile™, Skutt Kilns®, Techniglass®, Glass Accessories International (Toyo Cutters), Twisted Cane®, Colors for Earth, Morton Systems, Creative Paradise, Colour De Verre, and Slumpy's.


A heartfelt nod to the now closed Spectrum Glass Co. and Uroboros Glass Studios for the excellence they brought to the craft for glass lovers worldwide over 40 years. The industry would not have grown as it did without these companies.

Image of a nipped Fern and tropical leaves dish as it is being created and before fusing.


Below are a few work-in-progress photos illustrating examples of techniques and styles that Scandia uses in her work.

Scandia Glass Art Frit Painting of Blue Crocuses in progress.
Im age of the artist who owns this website, Scandia Glass Art as she cold works one of her paintings on a lap wheel.
Image of the fused glass Peppers Still Life painting underway and being taught at SGAA's annual conference in 2015 at Uroboros Glass ikn Portland, Oregon.
One of Scandia's Backlit paintings during the crearive process.
One of Scandia's1in. thick, multi-layered glass paintings from 2021.
Autumn Aspen Trees, a hand painted fused glass painting made by Scandia Wood, owner of Scandia Glass Art.
Image of an array of Scandia's hnadpainted, multi-layered treeline silhouettes before mounted on wood stands.
Image showing a number of panoramic landscape Frit glass fused paintings underway by Scandia Wood.
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