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The Creative Process

Kiln-formed Artwork

Scandia uses Oceanside Compatible™ sheet glass, frit (crushed glass granules) specialty accessories, and Glassline paints to create her artwork. She really enjoys painting and does so using several styles; from loosely rendered and richly colored imagery to more tightly rendered pieces. Her landscapes are generally created from imagination/memory rather than recreating a photographed specific place or realistically accurate plant form.

2 Green Apples Teaching Sample_edited_edited.jpg

Scandia enjoys creating in several styles, rather than confining herself to one artistic style. As a result, the creative processes differ from piece to piece. For many of her painted pieces though, the process generally begins with 1+ sheets of fusible glass. She then applies cuts of glass, paints and numerous grades of frit to establish the background; basically color blocking her base glass (as a painter might do with a canvas).


Once she fires the base glass, she can then continue to add detail in a series of layers using various grades of Frit, paint and sometimes pre-made tree trunks, flowers, etc., firing each layer as she goes to slowly build her painting. Most pieces are finalized after undergoing 3-4 firings.


Upon completion, paintings’ edges are often ground to fit into a custom finished frame or stand that Scandia either builds from scratch, or stains/paints/modifies to compliment the specific artwork they will house.

A note from Scandia about the materials she uses in her artwork...


The art glass industry is a wonderful community full of talented and passionate people from manufacturers, to end-users, retailers, distributors and Instructors. I have been fortunate to meet many of them through the years and my travels.


I am proud to use quality products made by companies I respect and trust. Here's my shout out to just some of the dedicated companies that keep my studio and our little art glass world happily going around:

Oceanside Glass & Tile, Skutt Kilns, Techniglass, Glass Accessories International, Twisted Cane®, Clay Art Center, Creative Paradise, Colour De Verre, Slumpy's and Morton Systems -- a heartfelt nod to the now closed Spectrum Glass Co. and Uroboros Glass Studios for the excellence they brought to the craft for over 40 years.

GreenLeavesUnderway 1_edited_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg


Below are a few work-in-progress photos illustrating examples of techniques and styles that Scandia uses in her work.

ScandiaGlassArt Scandia Using Lapwheel to Grind Edges of one of Her Paintings
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